Congresses and ConventionsDesign and Execution of Instalations

Congressos e Convenções - Projeto e Realização das Instalações

Project management is certainly one of CERTAME's key activities. For such events CERTAME is completely responsible for inspecting the installations where the event will be staged, with a view to adopting all the appropriate measures to ensure the smooth operation of all the existing systems (electrical, plumbing, compressed air, fire fighting and prevention, electrical earthing, lightning protection, air conditioning, mechanical ventilation, etc.), the adaptation of the existing physical installations, and the management of the alteration services. CERTAME is also responsible for executing any installations that are required, maintaining them during the event, and completely dismantling them after the event, restoring any areas that might have been affected by the installations. CERTAME mounts auditoriums, reception rooms, temporary offices, press rooms and other projected installations, no matter the degree of complexity.